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Single Rider: $95usd pp

Double Riders: $70usd pp

Triple Riders: $60usd pp

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The Stingray City WaveRunner Adventure Tour

This Tour, as well as many other Tours on our Service was specifically designed by our Company. The Wave Runner Excursion was created in order to visit Stingray City as well as to explore hidden beautiful beaches not accessible unless a wave runner is utilized.  Cayman does not have ATV tours, as we organize in Cozumel, we found that waverunners made a great substitute and then some!  This tour was not created as a snorkeling Tour as you may find with the "other waverunner tour" sold on Island due to the difficulty in boarding a waverunner in deep water fro many passengers.  Stingray City is visited, being only 3ft deep we have found boarding the waverunner is easy, in 10ft of water very challenging at best.  The second part of the tour is along the calm waters of Rum Point, where you will find beautiful beaches and unparalleled beauty.  This Tour, as all others has been a real winner!


Rum Point Beach

Perhaps one of the most spectacular area of our Island Rum Point Beach is the place to go in order to get away from the crowds.  Incredibly shallow water with powdery sandy bottom, great snorkeling 4 minutes away by boat.  A tasty Restaurant is also fount on site.


Cayman Wave Running Orientation


The start Stingray City Wave Runners Adventure



Wave Runners cruising the Cayman turquoise Sea


wave runner at stingray city sandbar cayman


The 1500cc SeaDoo® 3 seater machine



Stingray City Waverunner Adventure tour

Visit the Grand Cayman Stingray City Sandbar on our new and exciting Wave Runners Stingray City Adventure!!!  This tour is the ATV Excursion the "Cayman way".  Enjoy an exhilarating wave runner blast to Stingray City, in small groups, Guided by expert Cayman Guides who will take you from start to finish with friendliness, comfort and safety.   

The brand new SeaDoo® Wave Runners are powerful 1500cc three seater jet skis, they offer comfortable seating, plenty of power for double riders or triple riders and provide shallow draft to visit the shallowest of areas, be it the stingray city sandbar or our secluded beaches explored on this fantastic excursion.

The Grand Cayman Wave Runner Stingray City Adventure starts from a beautiful Resort found a short 15 minute drive from the Port of George Town where you will be instructed on all aspects of Wave Runners Operations and controls, fitted with life vests you will be on your way to the Stingray City Sandbar.  The 10 to 20 minute ride to stingray city is the experience of a lifetime, not to mention the location you will be visiting on your first stop.  The beautiful Sandbar enables you to interact with our friendly Stingrays in only 3ft of water!!!  At Stingray City you will be feeding, petting and interacting with Southern Stingrays for approximately 30 minutes.

Following your special time with the Rays we blast our way to the beautiful Rum Point area of Grand Cayman in search of secluded beaches.  Relax on the Rum Point Sandbars, secluded pristine beaches, beach comb for tropical shells, find starfish, or just plain relaxation!  This excursion will take you away from the crowds, allow you to visit unexplored places and will add plenty of excitement to your Western Caribbean Cruise!!!

Total Tour Time is approximately 2 hrs "beach to beach" and designed for 1 rider, 2 riders, even two parents and a child riding on the same wave runner!  This tour is exclusive and in small groups only.  Please ensure to reserve early as availability is extremely limited by submitting an availability request form, available ride times will be noted on our availability reply, all times will be noted to conform to your Shore Times in Grand Cayman.

The excursion departs form a beautiful Resort located on the North Sound of Grand Cayman found approximately 15 minutes from the Port of George Town (your tendering area).  All reserved Guests have the option of relaxing at this wonderful Property before, as well as following the Tour.  If you have participants who would like to also join you at the Resort but will not be joining the Tour they may await for your return from the tour at the resort.  The Resort has all amenities as well as facilities for your use, swimming pool, outdoor/indoor bar facilities, bathrooms and more!






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There is plenty of fun to be had at Rum Point!


Guides at Stingray City


Kids absolutely LOVE this excursion


Couple on Wave Runners


Perfect for all ages and groups


beach stop on Wave Runners


The sandbar at Rum Point is a mesmerizing beach stop


The Rum Point sandbar in grand cayman


One of secluded beaches visited on the excursion stops



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