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Please ensure to read the following information which will help you reserve your excursion. Excursions cannot be reserved unless you agree to the Terms found below. The following Terms are a comprehensive explanation of use of this website as well as the method of how reservations are received, confirmed as well as refunded in case of inclement weather cancellations or Ships not arriving into Port.

A section has been added under various Terms in order to explain the reasons behind some Terms, if you require additional information please click on the blue writing which will open a side window for an explanation behind our rules. Even though the explanations are not vital they will help with your understanding of why rules have to be created in order to be fair to all participants involved. Questions you may have may be e-mailed to us prior to reserving your excursion by CLICKING HERE.


Information Sent to our Website by Client

Injury, loss of items, tardiness

Reservation Requests

Availability Notices

Deposits and Reservation E-mails

Tentative Reservations

Deposit Refunds

Excursion Cancellation


Client Information Sent Through our Website
Island Marketing Ltd - will not be held responsible for any wrong omissions stated by reserved party (Purchaser), we assume no responsibility for incorrect dates, times, e-mail addresses, or any other incorrect information provided to us by reserving party (Purchaser).

The number of passengers reserved by the Purchaser are final and will be reserved as reserved by the Purchaser at time of reservation.

Excursions are reserved "as is" on the date and times requested by "users" of our website. Replies or Confirmations not received are due to incorrect e-mail addresse(s) placed on our Reservation Forms by the "Purchaser", please return to our website and resubmit request/confirmation(s) in case of no response to submitted request(s) or reservation e-mails. .


Injury, Loss of Personal Items and Tardiness
Island Marketing Ltd will not be held responsible for injuries, death, loss of personal effects, or late arrival of the "Purchaser" to the pre-reserved excursion(s).


Excursion Reservation Requests
Excursion(s) availability requests sent from Website "users" to Island Marketing Ltd do not constitute a "booked" reservation. Island Marketing Ltd will e-mail an availability report following an availability request to the e-mail address provided by requesting party. A secure/encrypted confirmed reservation form will be sent to the purchaser stating availability being present for the requested number of people and dates.


Availability is transmitted as current availability, Island Marketing Ltd will not be held responsible if the requested excursion is no longer available by the time a Credit Card Deposit is received to secure the reservation. A valid major credit card will be needed to confirm any reservation on our reservation system.


Deposits and Reservation Emails

Once a credit card is received for the excursion, excursion deposits will be automatically processed to reserve/guarantee seating on the requested excursion. E-mail confirmations for the selected excursion will be sent to purchaser(s) by Island Marketing Ltd (unless otherwise noted) within 2 business days.

Island Marketing ltd (Cayman) is not responsible for reservation e-mails not having been received by clients unless our Company has been advised prior to the excursion date. If your reservation was not received within a 48hr period please contact us via e-mail, or contacting our Live Help Dept. by visiting our Website Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Central in order to advise your reservation for the excursion has not been received.

All directions for your specific meeting/times will be found in your e-mail confirmation which is received following an Excursion Deposit Submittal.

Confirmations will state: Type of excursion reserved, number of passengers, deposit placed for the excursion, money due to Operator at time of excursion, detailed directions for pickup, excursion or relevant excursion information. E-mail confirmations sent by Island Marketing Ltd for reserved excursions must be printed and presented to the Operator(s) at time of excursion. E-mail Confirmation(s) to be printed by the "purchaser" for the reserved excursion(s) will clearly state:

"Name of Excursion Confirmed Reservation --- PLEASE PRINT ---- "

in the "subject line" of the E-mail Confirmation. It is the responsibility of Reserved Passengers (Client) to ensure the reservation e-mail is received for the excursion. E-Mail Reservations not received by Clients may be due to incorrect e-mail addresse(s) placed on our Reservation Forms by the "Purchaser" or E-Mail servers blocking our E-Mail responses, please E-Mail our Website or contact our Live Help Department in case of no response to submitted request(s).

Canceling an Excursion

Deposits are not refunded due to client cancellations. Deposits are kept on credit to be used for a period of 1 year from deposit payment date to be used in any of our serviced Ports for future reservation deposits.

Cancellations are honored two weeks prior to your reserved excursion Deposits are non-refundable for the exception of reserved Client's Ship not calling port (not applicable if the arriving Ship has changed arrival date, in which case the reserved excursion is organized to reflect the correct arrival, and the tour has been reorganized for the correct arrival date) or an inclement weather cancellation by Guides.

Cancellations with 14 days or more notice must be submitted in writing by replying to the original E-Mail Confirmation sent to the reserved party e-mail address. If cancellations are not received 14 days or more prior to the reserved excursion the full charge for the excursion will be charged on the "Purchaser" credit card. Cancellations due to "illness" at time of excursion require a certified medical certificate from your Ship's doctor in order to deviate a full balance charge for missing the reserved excursion. The doctor's certificate can be faxed to our office or presented at time of excursion by participating group members.


Tentative Reservations
Tentative Reservations ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY OUR COMPANY. Deposits are not refunded due to client cancellations. Deposits are kept on credit to be used for a period of 1 year from deposit payment date to be used in any of our serviced Ports for future reservation deposits.

Tentative reservations are not accepted. If you are not certain you would like to reserve the excursion please do not submit your reservation. (Please understand that all excursions sell out and may not be available upon your return to our Website)

Credited deposits from cancelled excursions, or changed excursions, not limited to: change in reserved passengers, changes in type of Tour, changes in current pricing as opposed to past pricing, may not be used towards excursion balances. Credited deposits are non-transferable.


Deposit Refunds

Deposits are fully refunded due to Ships not calling Port for any reason, or due to Excursion Operator's cancellation due to inclement weather. Deposits are non-refundable for the exception of the two reasons listed above.

Cruise Liners Excursions cancellations do not reflect our operational capabilities, if your Cruise Liner has cancelled their excursion it will not mean that our excursion of the same type is cancelled. Please call the number provided in your reservation E-mail in order to confirm a cancellation, or visit our Live Help Department by visiting our website(s) or make your way to the excursion's meeting location once in Port. Refunds will not be honored for any reason once Excursions have commenced.

In the event that your Ship will not be able to visit the Port of call, or your tour is cancelled by the Operator due to inclement weather your deposit will be 100% refunded (Limited to your particular Cruise not visiting the Port during your Cruise. Refunds do not apply to a change in arrival time, or change of arrival date if your tour has been rescheduled by our Company for the charged arrival date and/or time).

Every ship has an internet room and in the event of illness or ship delays or any unforeseen situation that arises that affects your tour, we kindly ask that you contact us ASAP so that we can prepare accordingly. Failure to do so may result in the full charge of your tour. If you require any help while at the Port or due to a changed arrival date please contact our LIVE HELP Dept. by visiting our Website.

A deposit refund due to inclement weather or Port if call cancellation by your Cruise Liner is obtained by replying to the Original Reservation E-mail received for the Excursion.

Refunds will not be issued without a reply to the original Reservation E-mail. The credit Card used for reserved excursion(s) deposit must be valid at time of refund, refunds will not be processed if the Credit Card used for the initial deposit is expired or invalid at time of refund.

No refunds (nor credits) of any kind will be issued by Island Marketing ltd (Cayman) once a tour has commenced.


The balance owed at time of excursion is shown on every reservation issued by Island Marketing ltd (Cayman), the balance must be paid at time of excursion to the Tour Operator or associated Guide. In the case of a group reservation the total Balance must be paid in "one lump sum", separate "per person payments" are not accepted. Refunds due to Operators cancellations other than inclement weather cancellations or Ships not calling Port will be refunded by the Tour Provider at time of Tour.


Disputed Charges:

A $50usd administrative fee will be charged on your credit card for any chargeback of your excursion deposit when ruled in favor of our Company by your issuing Bank. If you dispute the deposit charge due to the charge not recognized a $50usd administrative fee will be charged on your credit card. Your deposit will be noted on your credit card statement under ISLAND MARKETING LTD (CAYMAN) Administrative fees may be charged to a limit of $100usd in administrative fees per disputed charge.

Please note:

In case of an early arrival or late arrival of your Ship, reserved passengers must make their way to the meeting area regardless of times stated in the reservation where our Guide(s) will be meeting all reserved passengers for the excursion. Cruise Liners Excursions cancellations do not reflect our operational capabilities, if your Cruise Liner has cancelled their excursion it will not mean that our excursion of the same type is cancelled. Please make your way to the meeting area in order to ensure excursions are also cancelled by our Guides. Cruise Liners changed arrival date will not cancel your excursion, excursions will be moved to the changed arrival date, please make your way to the excursion, our Operator will be there to greet you.



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