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Adults: $69usd

Children Under 12: $59usd

Min. Driving Age: 25yrs

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The Cayman Jeep Safari

This Tour, as well as many other Tours on our Service was specifically designed by our Company. You will find a couple of Jeep Tours offered on Island, we found that one visits congested West Bay, only to have all passengers stuck in traffic.  The other visiting East End has "no true stops" and end at a remote resort with questionable beach and activities.  Our thought behind the Jeep Tour was to offer a product designed to take our Clients where we visit as locals.  Hidden locations, majestic Bluffs, beautiful Rum Point, we wanted to cover 90% of our Island, and we do!


Rum Point Beach

Perhaps one of the most spectacular area of our Island Rum Point Beach is the place to go in order to get away from the crowds.  Incredibly shallow water with powdery sandy bottom, great snorkeling 4 minutes away by boat.  A tasty Restaurant is also fount on site.



Great family tour in Grand Cayman to the best beach, Rum Point


Jeeps at The Tortuga Rum Cake Factory



Photo stop on the Cayman Island Jeep tour









Cayman Jeep Safari tOUR

Jump into our Brand New Jeep Wranglers and hit the road for adventure on our Grand Cayman Island Jeep Tour.

This is the perfect way to see the Island of Grand Cayman, the freedom of a Jeep with the comfort of a guided tour. 

Our Unique Jeep Island Tour will take you to our favorite spots in Grand Cayman offering your the chance to see some lesser known treasures of the Island currently not offered on any other tour!

The first stop will be at Cayman's famous Tortuga Rum Cake Factory where you will be able to sample the many varieties including chocolate, Coconut, Banana and Coffee to name a few

This is a great stop for souvenirs as they offer many products including Rum, cakes, fudge, coffee and Hazel Nut Rum Truffles!!

Next we will continue on through George Town to the Southern Coast of the Island, South Sound will give you a sample of Grand Cayman's Millionaire Row where some of the most precious homes are found, also the most heavily impacted area of Grand Cayman during Hurricane Ivan.  See first hand what all forecasters have been talking about!     

Next we drive our Jeeps past Pedro's Castle and off road onto the Bluff.  This secluded area is a first time experience to all visitors, yet another visit to one of our secret locations on our voyage.  The Bluff is truly majestic, overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, this area is a legend in it's own rights, tales speak of the Bluff being the true hideaway of many Pirates and the area of choice for their hidden treasures.  Due to the landscape, caverns and hidden passages from the ocean to land the story might hold more truth than fiction.  Nearby Pedro's Castle is perhaps one of the most Historical buildings in Grand Cayman, on your tour you will be able to experience the true taste of Cayman like no one has ever experienced.

The highlight for many of our Clients is the last stop, Rum Point, your final destination.  Rum Point Beach, gifted with swaying Australian Pines, secluded beaches, beautiful villas and a great restaurant right on the beach will provide you with a much needed chance to relax from your busy Cruise.  Beach Chairs, Hammocks, shaded areas, snorkeling, it's all here!  Equipment rental is found on site, as well as water toys, Wave Runners, water skiing, banana boat rides and more!       

This fantastic new excursion is perfect for families and groups of all ages.  The excursion limited in numbers of participants in order to create an intimate, well followed Island Tour and Beach time, please ensure to reserve well in advance of your arrival date in order to assure availability for your group.


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Cayman Jeep tours, photo opporunity stop


Stopping to explore on the Island Jeep Tour


Jeep tour in Grand Cayman, Kids by the sea


Looking over the 30ft cliffs of Pedro's Bluff


Rum Point Dock in Grand Cayman best beach


Picturesque Dock at Rum Point


Child on Rum Point Beach riding Iguana


Riding an Iguana at Rum Point







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